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We produce a wide range of customized database-related products for our customers. We work with potential customers and returning customers to determine their needs, provide a clear plan of action and then design and implement the solution, ensuring that it is easy to further develop the system in future if and when needed. Often our customers come to realise the potential of their system and ask for further development at a later time (often soon afterwards). Take a look at what we do here.

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Premier Data Technologies Limited specializes in Microsoft Access database development creating data-related solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and departments of larger organisations. Development is fast, high quality and affordable. We are also able to support and/or enhance existing solutions you may have.

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Startup Development Team

Microsoft Access development

Quick, quality, affordable development. If you are an SME (small or medium-sized enterprise) you need someone who can meet your specific needs.

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Microsoft Office integration

Use the power of other Microsoft Office products with your Access database to enable you to use e-mail from your database (Outlook), analyze it (Excel) or produce letters and other documents (Word).

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Large amounts of data?

Connect to Microsoft SQL Server or to MySQL databases. If you wish to move from holding your data in Microsoft Access itself to a server database, e.g. SQL Server or MySQL, we are here to help.

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4 Mill Rd, Mattishall, Dereham NR20 3RN

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